RockSolid Labs

RockSolid Labs was founded in 2015 after realizing that most large scale workloads are extremely harder than they should be to deploy and manage at scale. Customers are demanding simple solutions to provision, secure, and manage their infrastructure. The tools we have built empower customers to go from new hardware to distributed workloads in less than 30 minutes.

RSIM - RockSolid Infrastructure Manager

Software Defined Infrastructure

  • Manage and deploy physical infrastructure and workloads
  • Clustering, networking, and increased container security
  • Lifecycle management, logging, and monitoring
  • Scriptable runtime to automatically manage workloads


Legacy-Free Type 2 Hypervisor

  • Virtual machine isolated containers
  • Support for Docker Hub Images
  • Support for OpenFlow Networking
  • Fast and secure alternative for multi tenant workloads


Policy Based Bare Metal API

  • Simple API and modern GUI
  • BIOS, RAID, BMC, OS, NIC, PXE policies
  • Manage Redfish servers as well as legacy Dell and HP
  • Terraform provider allowing infrastructure as code

RSIM Demo Video

1001 Mariposa St Unit 303
San Francisco, CA
+1 650 651 8069